Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ugh, but also not Ugh


Life in BC is... interesting. My job is a job; it has its pros and cons, like every other. Of course, one of the big pros is location. I can't promise a picture (one of the cons is the craptastic internet access), but it is absolutely beautiful here. Burges, the mountain that I look at every morning when I leave for work, is ginormous and very, very pretty. I looooves it.

I forgot what else I was going to say.

Oh. Right. Aigaion Girl. Edits are coming along nicely. I should be working on them tonight, but I'm sleepy (I had a seizure in my sleep) and there's a birthday party in res tonight, which I guess I'm going to for a bit.

There's probably more, but I'm sooo sleepy. And I miss Clayton.