Monday, April 26, 2010


This may be fairly incoherent; I'm really sick and I'm fairly sure I have a fever, so making sense isn't exactly my strong point right now. I just figured I should update, since I haven't done that for a while.

Three more copies of my book arrived today. One will be going to Alison Strobel, an author who I'm trading reviews with; one will go to my public library, if they're willing to take it (there's a whole thing about that, which I probably should have posted when it happened... basically, they usually don't take self-published stuff); and the last will be going on a tour around the world, unfortunately, without me (check out for more of an explanation).

What else? I'm horribly sick, but I may have mentioned that already.

Rhiannon gets home today, which is cool, but I don't know when she's coming and due to the lack of mattress, I'm not 100% sure where I'll be sleeping once she gets here.

I really need to bathe and change my clothes, but it just seems like so much work right now... plus, to be honest, I'm a little worried that I'll pass out in the tub and drown.

Alright, I think I should end this here, because it's stopped making any sense (assuming it started out making sense). I'm trying to get myself to update this blog every day and Devereaux Court a minimum of every three days... right. So, bathing, then store to take back the movie, then bed, to sleep the rest of this sickness away.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Molly Dolly

As much as I've been complaining lately, about various things, I suppose I should really just learn to be grateful for what I have. For example, I have an extremely supportive older sister - and as a result I have an adorable Moloch doll, the first ever Aigaion Girl merchandise*. Rhiannon made him for me as a Happy Book Release present. Notice how he's holding an Apple and even has a little loincloth? So damn cute. He even stands up on his own. I asked her how she did that, when his head is bigger than his boddy. She said she 'just did'.

Also, as part of further release festivities, she dug through the liquor store for ages to find a cider that I would a) enjoy and b) be able to drink (along with my wonderful spontaneous inability to eat/drink dairy, I seem to be developing a sensitivity to sulphites. Hooray.). She bought four cans, so we could toast to my book release and to my first sales.

So there you have it, my sister the genious.

*Even though this Molly is (and will remain) one of a kind, he's the basic prototype for the Moloch dolls that we plan to sell at our table at FanExpo.

In other news, I've been working a lot on 200 Pages today. I think I've come up with a fairly unique story to go in the main story (there's another story inside that one. It's kind of confusing, actually)... I'm really looking forward to getting this one finished and published.

Also, I left work early today because I was sick. It was so weird, it was like I had all of the physical symtoms of drunkeness with none of the fun parts; my arms and legs felt heavy and tingly, my face felt numbish, and I could focus on anything.... I'm telemarketing and I couldn't even stay fully conscious long enough to dial a number... plus my vision was blurring, so I couldn't read my script properly and I'm damned if I could recite it from memory (it's a really easy script). Anyway, it loses me a night of pay (and possibly Friday's stat pay) but what can you do?

Anywhom, it's nearly 11:00, so I should probably eat something. Yay fooid.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Could Be at the Beach Right Now, But...

I don't know. My day pretty much got killed by my own stupidity in believing that "not too long" referred to a time period spanning less than five and a half hours. We were supposed to go to the office for "not too long" - in order to make a phone call, in fact, and I went along because there was something I needed to pick up. We were all hungry, so we went to a restaurant. About five seconds after we got there, my mother and my brother got into an argument which was essentially about nothing, but got heated enough that my mum ended up leaving (I would have too, probably, but the whole thing was still ridiculous). I followed her out, and so did my brother, and we got in the car, then drove to the office by way of our house (probably about 25-30 minutes, when all is said and done) with them fighting, and me just putting up with it, because I still had to go to the office and get my papers (now crumpled, but that's a different story). By the time we reached the office, they had stopped fighting, or figured it out, or, for once, just shut up about it, and since we were all still hungry, it was decided that we had to go back out, to another restaurant. That was fine, but I ended up spending nearly twice as much on my meal as I would have had to at the other place, and getting something I didn't like as much. Also, we were there for a really long time. When we finally got into the office, instead of the necessary phone call being made, my mother and brother decided to talk about random stuff for probably an hour and a half, then make the phone call, then talk, then call back, talk on the phone, etc., etc. So, I did all the stuff I needed to do (took Aigaion Girl down :( and some other stuff), then got bored with waiting, so started to work on other stuff. While I was in the middle of something, they announced that they were ready to leave, and I said I would be a little while 'cause I was kind of still working on stuff... about five minutes later, I was informed that they were waiting for me, so I shut my system down, only to be told that I didn't need to log off yet. Then we spent about ten minutes shutting everything down and locking up (coincidentally, if I'd had the ten minutes, I would have finished what I was working on)... then we came home, and everyone else went to various places (the beach, the movies) and I elected to stay here, because I honestly think I'd have ended up slugging someone if I had to spend another five minutes hanging around while people while they pretend to be happy... and I'm too tired to fake happy right now, and I can't deal with repeatedly being asked why I'm miserable or accused of being grumpy and/or surly.

So, that's my whining for the day. I'm back to work tomorrow because my employers decided to change their minds after telling us we'd get Monday off... and I would totally skip work (because that's a crap thing to do to people) but that would mean I was no longer eligable for Friday's stat pay, which would suck royal ass.

I think I'm going to go and rent a movie. This is the first time in a while that I'm going to have the whole house entirely to myself for a couple of hours and I don't want to waste it.