Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Stuffs

#1: My computer is temporarily fixed! Not that many people knew it was broken, of course, because I couldn't get online to tell anyone I couldn't get online. Ronnie, who is one of my supervisors at work, took it the night before yesterday, and brought it to me last night, having fixed it with duct tape. He is officially my hero.

#2: Because Mephie was on the fritz, my edits on Aigaion Girl had pretty much come to a standstill. I had the day off work today, so I decided to spend some time editing. I was sad for a while, because I'd forgotten my computer was fixed, but then I remembered that it was, and I just finished going back through A/G and changing all of the Canadian spellings to American (the main character is from Philly; I thought it would be weird if she spelled colour c-o-l-o-u-r). Now I'm checking grammatical things and then I think (*knock on wood*) I shall be done (*knock on wood again*).

#3: Room inspection again today. I think we did fine. Whatever.

#4: My computer, my MP3 player and my camera all broke last week. So far, just Mephistopheles has been fixed. The camera is dead for sure, but I'm not sure about my MP3. I was thinking about climbing Burges this week, but I'm definitely not going to without my camera; it would be far too depressing.

#5: I sent a lot of letters home the day before yesterday. I got a post card from my brother and sister-in-law, and it got me in a writing mood. I'm looking forward to sending Christmas cards this year, because there's actually a slight chance I'll get some back.

That's the update for now.