Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alberta: 1, Ontario: 0

So, I applied for a job here in... late May or early June. I got a call back today, asking me if I was still interested. I applied yesterday for a job in Jasper. I got an email today, asking me when we could set up a phone interview. Both jobs pay about the same.

A Super-Quick Post

I've just applied for 900 (about 15) jobs in Jasper, which is all the jobs I qualify for, up to today.

I am absolutely bloody starving, and I need to find some food. We're out of almost everything.

Crap. I had another one, and I totally forgot. Oh! I know. I sold another FU, BP thing, this time, a shirt. Basically, I want to sell enough shirts that I can get my Russell Brand and Noel Fielding Shirt for myself.

I think that's it for now. Rhiannon is making pie, so I'm going to go eat some crust.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Me? Tired? Piffle!

Ok, yes, I was up until after four watching The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 and True Blood and, yes, I am tired enough to be questioning whether or not those titles should be in italics, but on the whole... I forget what I was saying.

First: True Blood this week was about 8 million times better than last week. Of course, staring at a dead fly would probably be about 8 million times better than True Blood last week (except the parts with Eric).

Second: I am in love with Noel Fielding and Russell Brand - I don't know about separately, but definitely as a pair. That's why I was watching the quiz; other than them, it was kinda cute and kinda funny, but not worth two hours + of my time. They were brilliant, though, and I was so happy that they won.

I came to know about Noel Fielding because of The IT crowd, in which he stars for a few episodes. I thought at the time that his Goth make up looked more realistic than his not-Goth make up and now I know why. Then Rhiannon remembered seeing him on the quiz, and looked him up.

I'm starving, and it looks like I'm going to be riding Jethro into the office again, so I really should go. No rest for the wicked, I guess - or the people newly obsessed with random British men and vampires.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Update, While I'm Waiting for the Dishes to Dry

...and by dry, I in fact mean cool down... and by dishes, I mean dish water.

Right. Glad we've got that sorted.

So, updateness: Jasper-planning seems to have halted a bit. The lack of immediately available funds is sort of sucking the enthusiasm out of the trip-planning processs, but at least now we have a rough idea of what we're doing and a back up plan if our first idea doesn't work. Suddenly, I find myself in very high demand; everyone seems to want something before I go, but unfortunately, no one has any money to pay me. I'm not so worried about it, family is family, so of course I'll work for them as cheaply (free) as possible, but it's the amount of stuff too - as if they don't understand that my time is valuable or that I could conceivably have anything to do other than their stuff. I don't have a 9-5 job, so immediately, I have 24 hours a day of free time.

I'm a little stressed. I think a large portion of that is because I'm seriously considering moving to Jasper (or somewhere nearish to there) instead of just visiting and I haven't told anyone other than my family this yet. I won't decide for sure until Xmas, but I don't know. I just feel like I need to get away from here... but I think part of that is because, no matter where I am, I'm always looking for a way to escape my life... but now I'm freaking out because I'm afraid that if I go, my dog won't be looked after properly, or he'll just be horribly upset and do what he did last time I went away and spend weeks lying where my bed had been, looking sad. But he's too old to take with me, even if I was going by car or plane. Really, Loki is my hold up in everything. I can't stomach the idea of leaving him for huge periods of time... but if I could come home every three months or so, I think I could manage.

That's really it, actually. I hardly see most of my extended family now, and I can call my Gran and my Grandma from wherever. My Gran thinks I should be travelling anyway, and my Grandma won't remember how long I've been away anyway. My immediate family I'll miss, but we'll talk on the phone and send emails; there's nothing I can't cope with there.

K, well, I think my dish water is likely cooled enough to finish this load. Ugh, I hate dishes. Sorrry for the downer post; maybe the next one will be more cheerful.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Belated Lazy River Report

Add ImageI should have posted this when we actually did the lazy river ride, but I got tied up doing other things and I forgot.

We were planning to make a big group thing of it this year, but alas, lack of monies made that next to impossible. As much fun as it might have been, inviting people over for a picnic that they supply, a modest supper and no real sleeping arrangements seems just a touch cheap - so Spooey and I went by ourselves.

We went a little longer this year, stayed in the water for a solid two hours and met some more rapid rapids than last year. Also, I discovered that there are parts of the river so deep that I couldn't touch. At one point, I got thrown off my floaty thing and ended up being dragged through the rapids with my arms wrapped around it for dear life.

Also, we saw a bald eagle, which was pretty effing cool, since I had no idea that they lived around here.

I think that's everything. Pictures will have to wait until we get our disposable cameras developped (as well as the one from last year), and then be posted... probably next year or something.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


9:04, and already it's been a productive day. Sometimes I wish I were a morning person; I love the feeling of having done something before most people in my house are out of bed.

I woke up at 7:11 after having gone to bed pretty late [we were up watching the season finale of Dr. Who (!!!!!)], and I'm pretty sure I could have gone right back to sleep, but for once, I didn't try. I got up, got showered, shaved my legs to silky smoothness, because I actually time to exfoliate first, got dressed and decided to take Jethro out on the town. I spent five or ten minutes installing a completely useless side mirror which I got at the dollar store to tide me over until I can afford proper mirrors, then off I went.

Out on the town in this case, is a 4.5k ride that I completed in about half an hour*. So, now it's quarter after 9:00, and I've showered (even if I do have to do it again), gone for an almost decent length bike ride and updated my blog. Soon people will wake up and then, all things going well (*knock on wood* and all of that), there will be something involving a beach.

*This means that for the coming trip, I have to add a little over 3k/h to my speed, which considering I've been riding... oh, I'd say four times in the past probably four years, is pretty damn good.

Friday, July 9, 2010


That's aah like the noise Alfred makes after having a diet coke, not Aaaah there's a spider in my breakfast.

The weather broke last night. Stifling heat-death was replaced with coolness and lovely rain. In fact, my only complaint about this day so far is that all of the clocks in the house seem to be broken. I didn't believe the one in the kitchen that said it was five (am or pm, both quite unlikely), but I did believe the one in the den, which said it was ten (am)... I peeked at the computer only to discover it was already noon. Boo urns to that, I say. I want (need) to go for a bike, I'm just having some trouble working out where to go. I'm bloody hungry (The sheppard's pie I made last night made me really ill, so this morning I had a bite of the other kind, and now I still feel ill... which means it probably has more to do with the beef fat than with the little bit of cheese I put in the first kind).

Weeeel, I think that's it for right now. My dad has wandered off (bed?) and Rhiannon is watching stuff on the computer and if the boys are up, they're playing video games, though I don't think they've dragged their asses out of bed yet.

PS, the other clock in the kitchen just chimed 8:00

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It is So Bloody Hot

... and so am I. I joke, I joke. Sort of.

Ok, honestly, though, this is ridiculous. I'm wearing shorts and a tee shirt and I'm drenched in sweat. I wish it would rain. A lot. Right now.

Ok, so clearly that doesn't work the same way as having goblins steal your little brother... there's a thought. I could kill two birds with one stone: stop the incessant playing of Guitar Hero and meet pre-ghoul David Bowie in shiny capes and the infamous grey pants. I wonder if it's any cooler in the Goblin City. It practically has to be, and even if it's not, they've always got that pissing-dwarf statue in the city square.

Clearly, the heat is making me go a little wonky. I would go and have a cold shower, but I'm cooking lasagne for people (people not me, thanks to cheese death).

Earlier today, I made what I am now calling Egg Nog Cookie Bread, which basically consists of eggs, flour, vanilla extract and sugar stirred together then fried in a pan. It was actually pretty good, considering.

I smell gasoline. My Dad must be back with his truck. Yep, here he is. God, that's a nasty smell. I was wrong. That's my dad in his car, which is apparently having trouble.

Ok, I think I'm going to ride my bike to the grocery store, out of bordom and starvation. Happy reading, twits.

I guess I can't call you that if I'm not on twitter. Whatever.