All Apple has ever wanted is to be left alone - but having twelve inch horns sticking out of her head hasn't exactly made that easy. And to make matters worse, she's started to notice the signs; the world is going to end... Now she and her best frienemy, the angel Camael, are torn between doing the right thing and hiding under a rock until it's all over. Meanwhile, Apple is being bedeviled on all sides, by her angel friend, her human mother, her demon father and Moloch, a general of Hell's army, who wants to recruit her for his own unknown reasons. 

Aigaion Girl ... a story of the end of days is available for purchase all over the world.  Click on the appropriate flag to find it in a country near you!

Part of me wanted to put up the yellow animated .Gif  of the guy in the hard hat digging, for nostalgia's sake -  but since I'm in the U.K., I thought I'd use this guy, who seems to be having trouble with his umbrella. 

Anyway, as you can see, this page is still very much under construction. Coming soon, my friends, coming soon.