Saturday, November 17, 2012

Things That Bother Me

I know, I know.  You'd think after such a long break from posting, I would come back with something positive or inspiring.  Sorry to disappoint, but this is just a list of things I don't like.

  1. People who use or misuse '90s power phrases.  Terms like, bringing that on board or putting it into perspective, meetings, briefs, catch-upssynergy.  Seriously, corporate yuppidom is not the holy grail of life's ambition.  Just stop.
  2. When people are so busy falling over themselves to make sure one group is treated fairly that they end up stomping all over the rights and freedoms of another group.
  3. People complaining how much my wedding is going to cost them.  There have been people who have told me they don't know if they'll be able to attend my wedding because of money.  This sucks, because if they know where my wedding is and can make that judgement, it's because I'd really like them to be there.  But I understand completely, so I'm not bitter... but I am getting sick to death of people, who plan to come, harping on about how much money it's going to cost them.  As if I should change my wedding plans, and basically make it impossible for my fiance's family to attend, just so they don't have to put money aside.  Weddings, even attending weddings, can be expensive.  I'm not asking for costly gifts or having a buck and doe, or throwing myself a bridal shower.  I'm not asking for anything other than their presence, if they can provide it.  The only people who have a right to bitch about how expensive my wedding will be are my fiance and my parents.  That's it.
  4. People who don't flush public toilets after use, who pee on the seat and/or floor, who take ten minutes to dry their hands or give dirty looks to people who take more than ten seconds.
  5. People who use terms like Swag and Meme, or who say No bueno but aren't Spanish.
  6. People who think that people who attend(ed) university are objectively better or smarter than other people - and people who think that people who attend(ed) university are spoiled and don't know how the world really works.
  7. When two fat people walk side by side down a narrow path, swinging their arms, at one tenth the speed of a normal person, then give you dirty looks when you politely say excuse me and try to get around.
  8. Landlords who are too cheap to provide heat, working appliances or water that isn't either scalding or a single degree away from ice.
  9. People who think that just because you say happy holidays, you are some weird, left-wing nutcase who hates Christmas and is caving to pressure to be politically correct, when maybe all you were trying to do is include New Year's in a single phrase.
  10. When you feel compelled to make all your lists in multiples of 5.

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